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1. What should I do as a delegate?

One perfect morning you wake up and realize that you are an ambassador and a head of the delegation of one of the member countries of the UN. You start to have a burning desire to solve global problems of humanity and at the same time the problems of your country. You google the website of MFA of this country, of United Nations, print out the rules of procedure, put a second pair of shoes and a toothbrush in a bag and go in SDG Forum.

Joking aside - each delegate represents the position of one of the UN member states on the agenda of the selected committee. Each committee is devoted to a particular goal in the field of sustainable development, and the result of the work of the committee is a communiqué drawn up according to the rules of diplomatic protocol.

2. Can I participate in several committees?

Yeah, only if you get yourself clone (time-tuner will go as well as an option). The reality is that the committees work simultaneously and sometimes they are held in different places, so you will not physically be able to be present at two places at the same time. Sorry.

3. Can several people represent the same country, so that to work in so-called "co-op"?

Unfortunately, no. That is not stated by the rules. However, your friends can "emigrate" to other countries, keeping in mind your collective plans, and directly at the session you can create an international coalition together. S for Strategy.

4. Do you provide with a grant for accommodation or for travel?

Grant on travel expenses, unfortunately, is not available. However, the Secretariat will offer you the most comfortable and affordable accommodation options so that you could reach MGIMO or MGIMO branch without any problem.

5. Do you provide with an exemption from classes during the Forum?

Yes, we do. Just mention it during the Skype meeting with the Secretariat representative, inform them to whom should the certified letter be written (specify name and position), and you will get it in a week. You will also get a certificate of participation on the Forum – an official evidence that you have been participating in the sessions all 4 days (rather than spent time somewhere else :) ).

6. When do I learn the results of the selection?

In the application form you have indicated the best way of communication with you. That's how a representative of the Secretariat will contact you to set up the time for a Skype meeting. During the Skype meeting you will get to know some details on the Forum's work and you will be given the country or an international organization to represent. From this moment somewhere in the Forum’s HQ a timer starts ticking, counting two weeks. During this time you will have to manage to write a position of a given country/international organization in accordance with the recommendations. The expert approves it and you officially become a delegate, congratulations!

7. I want to represent my native country. May I?

The golden rule of all models suggests that the delegates are not allowed to represent the country of citizenship. If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation then please, represent it as much as you like. Within the rules of procedure, of course.

8. There is still no reply on my form, why?

Most likely, the presidium of your committee is halfway to the end of exams or is helping with preparation of the cultural programme. The average member of the Forum's team sleeps 2.5 hours a day. We advise you to be patient, your request will not be forgotten and the chances of having your position approved will highly increase.

9. I want to represent a country. Badly. I learn its language, history, culture; I know the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs almost personally. May I?

Visit the website, go to the page of your committee and look at the list of countries. If your favorite country is there, then it is possible. If not, then sorry, you may not.

You actually may email to the committee and ask them to add a country. Who knows, maybe they will do so?

10. Could you describe a typical day at the Forum? Is there a strict schedule?

7:00 You wake up
9:00 You finally get up
10:00 Sessions start
10:03 There is a quorum!
11:12 You suggest a unique solution to the problem in your speech which is prolonged for 5 minutes
12:00 Finally, lunch
13:30 Delegates have distributed to the working groups and now are writing roadmaps
14:00 The chair of the committee is puzzled (there should be a team building)
15:35 Voting, your communiqué have won with an advantage of one vote (Bolivia)
16:00 You are trying to get an autograph from António Guterres and other VIP-guests who accidentally arrived at the Forum
16:56 Tour around the university / city / region / pastoral landscapes
17:30 National cuisine / concert / performance of the invited guests (underline as appropriate)
19:00 You decide to finish the road map
19:01 Dinner
19:37 You take courage and invite a delegate from France on a date
21:43 The festive fireworks, everybody is watching videos about the Forum, reading daily newspapers, peace, joy, smiles, laughter of children
23:47 Selfie with the committee with the moon on the background
3:14 You and a delegate from France finally finish writing the road map. Hello, new day!

11. What is actually the purpose of the Forum?

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Bring young leaders from all around the world together and prove that young people can offer effective solutions to global problems through the creation of youth program for sustainable development.

12. Is there a possibility that our activity will somehow be noticed at the high level?

Of course, what kind of question is this! It’s for a reason that we do not sleep for half a year before the Forum.

The results of the first Forum were sent to the UNCTAD and were distributed among the expert community of MGIMO-University. In 2016 we worked with the ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation as well as with UNCTAD, UNAIDS, Global Shapers and other organizations. During several months following the Forum, the resolutions were edited and then they were sent to all of our official partners. But this is not a complete list of our partners, so be ready for surprises and other guests!

The final version of the draft national strategy for sustainable development of Russia will be sent to the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, specialized bodies and organizations as a collection of proposals of the youth community.

13. How to join the Secretariat and what do its members do?

Joining the Secretariat is simple (as we like to say, it is much easier than to enter the Order of the Knights Templar). But the selection is careful. There are several options, one of them will definitely suit you.

If you are studying in Moscow, you can become a representative of your university in the Forum or get into one of the departments of the Secretariat - depending on the results of the interview at MGIMO.

If you are not studying in Moscow, but there is a cluster of the Forum, you may join the Secretariat of the cluster and also come to the Forum as a representative of your city (this requires you to fill in the "Become a delegate" form). It is complex, but it's worth it - the representatives of clusters will receive additional prizes on the Forum's events. You do not know if there is a cluster in your city? Check it out on this map.

If you are not studying in Moscow, but there is no cluster of the Forum, fill out the "Join Secretariat" and "Become a delegate" forms. Almost like with a cluster, but you will have your own individual tasks and your own delegation from your city.

If you are not studying in Moscow, but there is a venue of the Forum, you may join the Secretariat and participate in the organization of the Forum without leaving your city. Just fill out the "Join Secretariat" form and the coordinator of your city's venue will contact you back so that you can pass interview and proceed to the first task :)

14. What is the difference between the Chairman of the Forum and the Secretary-General?

The speaking order at the opening ceremony. The Chairman of the Forum manages the secretariat at all hubs and is an official representative of the SDG Forum. The Secretary-General assists the Chairman in organizational issues, as well as directs all scientific and research activities.

Also you can call the Chairman at 3 am and he will not mind, but do not call the Secretary-General. He will not mind either, however will not pick up the phone.

15. Who appoints the Chairman and the Secretary-General?

This is an organization secret. We promised to keep quiet.