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What are SDGs
What areSDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a global initiative of the United Nations, 17 the most important challenges that the international community has undertaken to carry out by 2030. However, the Goals can not be achieved without comprehensive efforts of all interested parties – including all of us.

SDGs replaced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), expanded and concretized them. They were adopted by the Summit on Sustainable Development in New York in September 2015. Time passes quickly, and the list of tasks is increasing. Today, Sustainable Development Goals include:

On October 18, 2014 the activists of Economic Club of MGIMO University founded a project dedicated to sustainable development and participation of our country in this international initiative. For the third year in a row the Forum brings together hundreds of participants from around the world. The results of the Forum are sent to the United Nations and the Russian Foreign Ministry as a suggestions from the youth community in the field of sustainable development. More than 30 regions of the country have formed a delegation to the forum, or organized their committees.

Become a delegate at the IV Sustainable Development Forum and get a chance to join the team created to change the world for the better!