Association of Economic Clubs (AEC) is a federal network of youth expert communities. The Association currently comprises 30 communities all over Russia, namely economic and international clubs, case-clubs, councils of young scholars and postgraduate students. AEC communities organize youth projects, academic models, scientific conferences, workshops and plenty of other events.
Moscow International Model United Nations (MIMUN) is a combination of a scientific conference and a role play, where university and high school students simulate the work of different UN bodies in several United Nations official languages. When participating in MIMUN, students gain diplomatic, leadership and public speaking skills, master their knowledge of foreign languages and learn to compromise.
MGIMO Endowment, founded in 2007, is the oldest and largest one in Russia. The aims of the Fund: accumulation of target capital for long-term development of MGIMO and project finance according to relevant priorities of the University.
MGIMO Alumni Association is an organization that unites MGIMO graduates on the basis of professional communication, common interests and hobbies. Today the Association unites more than 9 000 MGIMO, while more than 25 000 people are participating in its and the University's activity.
AIESEC is the largest youth-run organization in the world. AIESEC provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internship and local volunteer projects. Since its creation in 1948 more than 1 000 000 young people took part in our programmes and gained experience in AIESEC.
Economic Diplomacy Club is a student scientific community of Kazan Federal University which addresses issues of international relations, law, economics, political science and diplomacy. The club is an active member of Association of Economic Clubs of Russia.
Cultural and educational tourist center “ETNOMIR” is a unique platform that combines creative, educational and recreation dimensions, unites the features of a cultural and social projects incubator and a successful business model. The mission of the center is to facilitate the development of friendly ties between the peoples of Russia and of the whole world, as well as promote harmony between human and nature.
“Dialogue of Cultures – United World” is an international charity public fund aimed at preserving and popularizing traditional cultures, and promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation between states. The largest project of the Fund embraces over fifty countries, which accepted sculptural compositions devoted to outstanding personalities in culture, science and education.
The Corporate Security Research Center provides a wide range of services using profiling, psychodiagnostics, graphology, cognitive psychology and polygraph.