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Decent work

Venue: MGIMO University, Moscow

Working language: English

Email: decent-work@sdgforum.ru

Committee board

Dear delegates!

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022 Sustainable Development Forum!

Economic growth should be a positive force for the whole planet.This is why we must make sure that financial progress creates decent and fulfilling jobs while not harming the environment. Furthermore, we must protect labour rights.

Sustained and sufficient jobs can drive progress, increase economic growth and improve living standards.

I expect to meet enthusiastic and active delegates who will be ready to have a constructive discussions regarding the case.

Good luck to everyone!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Karina Vil
Moderator of the committee «Decent work»

Dear participants,

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022 Sustainability Forum!

We have to go through interesting and exciting events together.

During the forum, you will acquire many new acquaintances, as well as new skills that will greatly help you in your future career. Within the framework of the committee decent work in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we will solve the assigned tasks. In modern realities I have no doubt that the forum will leave indelible pleasant impressions and warm memories for each of you.

Anastasia Subbota
Moderator of the committee «Decent work»