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Sustainable fashion

Venue: MGIMO University, Moscow

Working language: English

Email: fashion-sustainable-dev@yandex.ru

Committee board

Greetings to all the participants!

I’m glad to welcome all of you to the 2023 Sustainable Development Forum!

Fashion and sustainable development is one of the most burning issues nowadays. In the modern-day world of heavy consumers it does matter that individuals possess too many things which are not really of high necessity. This drives and motivates suppliers to produce more and more. Many of them neglect the environment while producing, opting for cheaper ways of production but at the expense of nature and the benefits of society. To sum up, the issue is worth considering and that’s why our track, being of the utter relevance, takes place.

Looking forward to meeting true enthusiasts and ambitious individuals that are ready to have constructive discussions concerning the case and share their valuable opinions and experiences.

May you be productive and lucky!

See you at the Forum!

Nikita Demin
Moderator of the committee «Sustainable fashion»

Dear participants,

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022 Sustainability Forum!

We have to go through interesting and exciting events together.

During the forum, you will acquire many new acquaintances, as well as new skills that will greatly help you in your future career. Within the framework of the committee decent work in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we will solve the assigned tasks. In modern realities I have no doubt that the forum will leave indelible pleasant impressions and warm memories for each of you.

Anastasia Subbota
Moderator of the committee «Sustainable Fashion»

On behalf of our committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the Sustainable Development Forum 2023!

I hope that the Forum will become an arena for constructive discussions, where everyone will show their potential in solving real problems in the fashion industry.

The importance of the concept of sustainable fashion is becoming more and more relevant every day, as in the era of capitalism, people's needs are growing and resources are depleting. The fashion industry should become more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and factory workers should be paid a decent wage for their work. It's also important that we keep ecosystems in balance during the process of making fabric and materials. Measures must be taken to do this.

Good luck to everyone!

I look forward to meeting you and having an active discussion!

Alina Sizova
Moderator of the committee «Sustainable Fashion»