SDG Forum

The International Youth concept of sustainable development is the leading discussion forum, where the most relevant topics of sustainable development in the economics, law, politics and socio-economic areas of international cooperation within the UN and other international organizations are being discussed.

The Forum is the project of the MGIMO University’s Economic club Oeconomicus. Taking part in discussion platform students, postgraduate students, high-school students present positions on discussing global problems of the countries chosen. They make everybody notice these problems and suggest new ways of solving them. Participants of the forum try play roles of heads of delegations, ambassadors, ministers of foreign affairs or representatives of different international organisations.

This year the delegates are going to develop the Youth national concept of The Russian Federation’s sustainable development.


SDG Forum 2018
2 days, 30-31 March

1. Position presentation

At the time of registration, participants choose a country, international organization, department or region they will represent at the committee meetings.

Future delegates prepare a country's position on the agenda items according to the recommendations and then present it at the Forum.

When all the positions are presented, the expert of the committee chooses some speeches and comments on them for 2 minutes and reviews this part of work.

2. Development the draft national strategy for sustainable development of Russia

Each team develops a list of measures allowing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the Russian Federation and it is they that will serve as a basis for developing the draft national strategy.

For the measures selected, each team develops roadmaps that consider the following:

- specific and particular features of the regions in the ability to introduce the selected solutions;

- the need for such solutions;

- the seriousness of the situation in the place in question – whether it is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation or a separate city.

The outcome of the committees' work is the draft national strategy. It is a document emerged from the discussion and elaboration of the possible solutions of the issues connected with sustainable development in accordance with the committee's agenda. This document contains a list of measures approved by both the delegates and the Bureau of the committee, as well as the rationale for choosing these measures.

Upon approval of the draft national strategy, a formal consultation with an invited expert is held. They give a lecture on editing the draft version of the project.

The final version of the draft national strategy for sustainable development of Russia will be sent to the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, specialized bodies and organizations as a collection of proposals of the youth community.

3. Cultural programme

Different unique events will make the delegates' work in the committees more diverse throughout all 4 days of the Forum.

Master classes and communication trainings, VIP-guests’ and well-known speakers' presentations.

The traditional quest for all the participants prepared by the organizing team.

The Sustainable Development Forum is a new page of the model movement. The moderators provide all the necessary conditions for the free exchange of ideas between the delegates. Each delegate is welcome not only to describe the existing problem in detail, but also to present their view and to suggest a possible solution. Each delegate’s word is a chance to change the world for the better. The project created by the participants of the discussion platform and corrected by the Forum’s moderators will be presented to the Parliament of Russia, the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries as a package of proposals created by the youth community.

In 2018 the Forum will be held for the fourth time. The first Forum in 2015 gathered 250 participants in one place, and in 2018 the Forum will take place in Moscow. 10 committees on the most acute issues will once again unite the most active and talented youth in order to draw attention to tackling global problems by joint efforts. For the last 3 years, over 1200 participants from 25 countries took part in the discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Forum’s delegation successfully presented eco-friendly solutions in the sphere of metallurgy at the case-championship Metal Cup conducted during the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum in 2017.

In autumn 2017, the Forum Secretariat successfully held a meeting of the political committee of the G20 Youth Model in Kazan and elaborated a declaration on fighting against international terrorism.

At SDG Forum, each delegate will:
act as the ambassador of the represented country;
learn how to present and defend their position;
find out about the basics of diplomatic etiquette;
get a chance to make suggestions to achieving the global goals;
participate in the work of a committee of their choice;
meet with invited experts and VIP-guests;
be able to admire unique cultural program for each hub;
get acquainted with the young leaders from around the world;
learn how to establish a hub of SDG Forum
get a lot of gifts and surprises!