Once you have become a delegate at the IV International Youth Sustainable Development Goals Forum you are to represent the official position of one of the member states of the United Nations or international organizations in one of the committees of the Forum. More information regarding committees can be found on the «Committees» and «About Forum» pages.

Registration form
Registration procedure
Choose the committee. Please, pay attention to the venue and language of the committee. You are supposed to be able to speak it well.
Write the motivation letter in the language of the chosen committee (approximately 150-200 words). Use the recommendations on how to write the motivation letter.
Fill in the registration form within two weeks after receiving the expert's notice.
The presidium of the chosen committee will get in touch with you if you are selected via the preferred communication medium. A skype-meeting will be arranged at a time convenient for you, at which a representative of the Secretariat will tell you the country you'll be representing and answer your questions.
In 2 weeks after that you will need to pay the participation fee and draw up the position paper on the problem your committee will be working on. Use the recommendations on how to write a position paper.
Once your position paper has been approved of by the Secretariat they will send you the Delegate ID – the document without which you will be unable to take part in the Forum. Make sure you have it printed out. Once you have received the delegate ID you are officially a delegate. We will be waiting for you at the IV SDG Forum on March 30-31, 2018!

If there is no room for you in the committee you wanted to join at first, you can always go through a lighter registration process to become a member of some other committee.

The SDGForum-2018 registration fee is expected to be 300 RUB.

The registration fee covers the expenses on the conference organization and some of the socials. Its payment is mandatory for your participation.

Within a week’s time after the Expert has appointed you a country it is necessary to transfer the registration fee to the SDGForum’s account (account references will be sent via e-mail) and to send the receipt to the e-mail of your chosen committee to confirm the remittance.

Please note that students of MGIMO-University are exempted from paying the registration fee.

Accommodation and visa

If you've already chosen one of the SDG hubs, registered in one of the committees but don't have anywhere to live during the Forum, don't worry. The Accommodation department is here to help you! We will gladly provide you with all the necessary information about accommodation within easy reach of all the Forum hubs. We'll do our best to find the most comfortable variants of moderate prices.

The Accommodation department:

If you need help in finding accommodation or getting a visa, note it in your delegate application or email us:

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that you are supposed indicate full name of the person/group of people in need of place to live (group requests or individual) and personal preferences in the letter. We'll be very grateful if you answer our letters without delay; otherwise your accommodation place might be taken by someone else.