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Partnerships for the Goals

Venue: MGIMO University, Moscow

Working language: English

Email: partnership@sdgforum.ru

Committee board

Dear SDG forum participants,

My name is Natalia, and I’m truly glad to greet you on behalf of the Partnership for the Goals committee.

Global Work is said to be achieved if we work together. Cooperation and partnership is a base of the development.

Each of 17 goals touches upon significant aspects of our lives, that is why it’s crucial to discuss them and to make more and more people aware of them. I am sure that we will overcome all the challenges together.

The event gives everyone an unique opportunity to improve skills, mostly social, people will need in their future. I hope that the days spent on the margins of the forum will be resourceful.

Looking forward to seeing all of you,

Natalia Krupina
Moderator of the committee «Partnerships for the Goals»

Honourable participants of sustainable development forum,

I am extremely pleased to welcome you on behalf of our team!

Our work will be focuses on the seventeenth goal "partnership for sustainable development". This is necessary to be effective against all 17 goals. Within our committee, we will hold interesting debates and discuss various options for the development of events. Together, we can take a small step to move closer to achieving the SDGs, as well as to make our world a little better.

In our committee you will get a unique opportunity to improve your social skills and meet a large number of versatile people.

We will be glad to see you as a members of our forum and look forward to your applications!

Irina Moiseenko
Moderator of the committee «Partnerships for the Goals»

Distinguished participants,

I'm deeply honored to greet you on the margins of the SDG Forum 2022.

Sustainable development defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our aim is to make it achievable.

Global Goal 17 is about strengthening and streamlining cooperation between nations using the SDG as a shared framework.

The Forum is a unique project for all students within which the participants present their ideas for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in various companies. During this event you will meet an opportunity to improve your negotiation skills, solve various SDG cases and meet people from all over the world who share your interests and dreams.

Yours faithfully,

Daria Petrovskaya
Moderator of the committee «Partnerships for the Goals»